Strike While the Iron is HOT!

January 8, 2021

Strike while the iron is hot!

            Have you ever felt super inspired to do something or have this great idea that is burning through your brain, heart and soul? I am feeling that way right now. I am compelled to start writing and I am flooded with topics along with a passion and the ENERGY to do it. It’s exciting and I feel like I am about to change the world!

            What have I normally done in this situation? First of all, during the years I suffered infertility, then mourning the loss of my son, I wasn’t ever inspired like this. Secondly, whenever I HAVE felt a creative vortex as an adult, I often decided that I needed to get my chores done first before I could do something I really wanted to do. I’d make out my list of “should do’s” and get started. By the time I got to the end of the list, the inspiration and passion would fade. The desire to create would be gone. Destroyed. The possibility of creating something epic traded for doing laundry and picking up the house. Booorrrriiinnnggg.

            Jon Royal, my mentor and Unlimited Breath Practitioner, has told me many times that this is a gift. We are connected to the divine at these moments. It is a sacred, special experience that needs to be embraced and nurtured. The best part of this experience today is that I don’t know exactly where this is leading. I’m just purging ideas. Starting blog posts for a blog I haven’t yet started at the time of writing this. I’m sort of starting a stream of consciousness. No rules. I can go back and edit. I can start several posts and finish them later.

            DISTRACTION: “Maybe you should figure out how to post blogs on your website, you saw that the other day?” Nope. That’s not what we are doing right now. It’s time to create and let this process unfold. I absolutely know what would happen if I did that; I’d lose this creative stream. I’d switch into my mental body and try to figure that out. I don’t even think I’d be successful in that task because I would be working against my inspiration. 

            I accidentally left my phone at my in-law’s last night. Now I know why; it’s so I can write without distractions. Let’s see what I create today!

Strike While the Iron is HOT!

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