Make That Imposter Syndrome Work for YOU! Set Yourself Free!

January 15, 2021

            Imposter syndrome if ROUGH! For me its an odd mix of fearing success and feeling like I am not enough. I imagine myself successful, but then I start picturing all the things that could go wrong. AND I imagine someone saying, “You are really terrible at this!”

            Good news is that while you are working through all your issues, focusing on and fearing success can actually be a manifesting hack! If you let it. It’s why we can be successful despite feeling really icky about it! Yep. If you can figure out how to keep showing up and visualizing a good outcome as much as possible (totally still works even if you aren’t ALWAYS positive), eventually your life gets turned around and success flows.

            I suspect that imposter syndrome will keep coming back for me as I level up, but I am beginning to use it as a sign that I’m moving in the right direction. That something big is about to happen. Mentors who are practiced at this say they even begin to feel EXCITEMENT and ANTICIPATION! Here are the steps to turning Imposter Syndrome into a productive growth tool. 

1.Be Aware. When imposter syndrome takes control, it can feel all consuming. For me there’s a gentle voice I can hear that says, “you know this isn’t true, let’s work this out.” I can then start the process of working through it.

2.Acknowledge your feelings. Once you realize what is going on it’s important to feel your feelings. Cry. Be angry. Go for a walk or snuggle under the covers but confront it. Sometimes this pops up at some very inconvenient times! I jump to a two second meditation to clear my mind to get through the situation. I usually can, but I have cried in the middle of Target before. No joke.

3.Call friends. Your REAL friends. These are friends who believe in and support you, but call you out on your BS. Even if you are fortunate enough to already HAVE a great network, it doesn’t hurt to continually add more.  I found lovely friends in group coaching and networking, but mostly my fellow Unlimited Breath & Body Classmates.

4.Meditate. Yeh right. I can hardly breathe when I feel like this. Meditation and Breath Snacks usually only make me feel even more frustrated. Just try it, though. It still helps even if you only do it for a couple minutes. It’s working even if you don’t think it is. I believe no matter what, you are sending the prayer or message that this is not where you want to be.

5.Turn your thoughts around. Now it’s usually 3:30 am and I’m wide awake. I have learned this is a clue to get to work. I begin isolating the thoughts I’m having and turning them around. I may think something like, “I’m nothing special, so why would anyone pay to work with me?” I change the question to “how am I special?” I don’t edit. Sometimes I start by writing terrible things like, “I especially SUCK!” Then I make improvements and say small things like, “I’m nice or I like matching colors.” Eventually I’m saying really super awesome stuff, “I help people find perfection in their imperfections and learn to love themselves in life AND in their photos!

6.Use the turnaround-TAP IN. Whaaaatttt! I just created new inspiration and direction. I am deeply connected to myself as a source being and reminded that I am divine love. All the noise has fallen away and I am listening to my true voice. A creative vortex of love, joy, inspiration and passion pours out of me. I cry again out of joy and relief. I run with it. I create. I share. I feel like a true artist.

Make That Imposter Syndrome Work for YOU! Set Yourself Free!

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