Can I THINK Myself Thin?

January 1, 2021

I THINK I can think myself thin. Sort of.

It might be more like NOT thinking about being thin or fat either way. It's a more organic way of being healthy by starting from the inside and then just enjoying life! Here’s the simple and not so simple steps I am taking:

1.Listen to my body

            Our bodies are beautiful, self-healing, magical organisms that are in a constant state of life and healing. They are in control of themselves and want to support us. Learning to listen to what it wants, and needs is the key to where to begin. Its not like I’m going to avoid eating right or exercising, it’s more that I am going to listen to cues from my body for what it needs when it needs it and how much it needs. Learning how to do this will be quite a journey in itself!

            I have been able to reduce the amount and severity of migraines by listening to my body. I learned to feel the cues when I am creating a headache. Sometimes if lights seem too bright, or I feel a certain pressure in my head, I stop and listen. I close my eyes and gently probe around the area of discomfort with my mind. I relax muscles. Sometimes that’s enough. Sometimes I take my pill. Sometimes I still get the headache. When the lightning storm starts behind my eyes, I lie down and watch it with fascination. It actually looks really cool! The headache does start once that happens, but I might only suffer for an hour. MUCH better than an all-day shut down. So, if I can learn to work WITH my body rather than fighting and being mad at it for a massive migraine headache, couldn’t I also do the same with my weight and fitness level?

2.Listen to inspiration

            How many times have you been inspired by a great idea, but not acted on it? I have! What would happen if I followed it? Recently I had an all-day class beginning at 8am. At 7:30, I had just finished breakfast and poured myself my third GIANT cup of coffee filled with delicious creamer. I was suddenly struck with the inspiration for a blog post. While it whirred in my head, I did what I would usually do which is spend the next 30 minutes relaxing and enjoying my coffee. The idea grew and took off and I KNEW I just HAD to get the idea written. I forgot all about that coffee and ran into my office. My water bottle was full, and I began sipping on that.

            Do you see what happened? I followed inspiration and that led to skipping the extra mug of coffee. I didn’t need it to make me feel good. I felt much more fantastic following that moment of inspiration. I successfully cut several calories and caffeine I didn’t need. I made the right choice. Dozens and dozens of right choices like that and my life will be full of inspiration. The side effect is that I will begin to lose weight. Without THINKING about it!

3.Watch for teachers

            The universe will bring us many teachers. Some are actual health professionals, and some are examples, good or bad, to draw inspiration from. I have recently joined Angela Swanson’s meditation subscription. Angela teaches mindful eating techniques within the meditation. This seems to jive well with a more holistic approach to eating. Mary Scarcello at Spark Barre Pilates and Yoga has been a MARVELOUS movement teacher! I spend two very concentrated hours a week learning how to work with my body. It’s gentle and supportive and building a foundation of healthy movement. I’m not “whipping” myself into shape, I’m partnering with my body so that I can permanently change my lifestyle.

Jon Royal Teaches Unlimited Breath and Unlimited Body. Wow. I’ve worked with him as my coach. The life changing experiences I had with him lead to me becoming an Unlimited Practitioner myself. Most exercise programs and diets NEVER address the “WHY” we live an unhealthy lifestyle in the first place. This is a hugely complicated and difficult question, but completely necessary to permanent change.

4.Move to living life with passion, not numbness

            Passion and Excitement burn more calories than numbness!

Through my work with Jon Royal, I discovered I had chosen to live a life of numbness. After suffering the loss of my infant son, Henry, I had to shut down my emotions in order to survive that deep grief. For years I took one moment at a time, one step in front of the other. I ate, I watched TV, I played games on my phone, I slept, I worked at a fast-paced job. Anything to get me to the next moment. There wasn’t anything wrong with this. It served me well at the time. As time moved on, though, I stayed in that existence and didn’t even know it. It was safe but making me sick. I felt much older than I was. As I finally healed enough to live again, I was confronted with the sudden realization that I was middle aged and my life SUCKED.

            Living life with passion feels scary, but exciting and every day I am feeling more and more excited, passionate.  NOTE: Feeling feelings again means I have to feel bad feelings, too. It’s important to tell you that so you realize this isn’t all a sunshine and rainbows experience!

5.Visualize my future life

            I visualize my life in the future. I imagine how I feel. I imagine what I am doing. Maybe I am dancing in the street of a foreign city. Maybe I am at the top of Mt Kilimanjaro. Maybe I have hiked through the jungle to a Mayan ruin. Maybe the landscaping is done at my house and I am enjoying working in my garden. How does the sun feel on my face? I feel the tingling of my body as I dance. Fresh mountain top air fills my lungs.

            Notice there’s NOT ONE mention of eating right, being thin, dieting, working out, being fat, being out of shape. GAG. I hate all that stuff. BUT living that life will require changes.  

Sooooo. Can I THINK myself thin? We will see! Join me on my journey.

Can I THINK Myself Thin?

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