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Brand photography supports your brand and helps express core values to your clients at a glance. It makes them stop, take notice and spend some time with you. They quickly begin to trust you. The images are used across all your platforms; web site, social media, and publications, delivering a consistent message. Brand photography specializes in your specific digital and production marketing needs. 

I breath life into your social media through photography.

Covid-19 Pandemic Pricing- During the pandemic I am temporarily reducing pricing Brand Photography pricing to help businesses pivot to online networking and marketing. Pricing adjustments are listed in pricing below.

What is a Story? Social media packages are designed to provide you with professional social media content for your business or personal brand. Each Brand Photography session includes “stories”. As a former photojournalist, story-telling is what I do best. Even the most simple story can blossom into images that touch your clients. A mother snuggling with her daughter, two co-workers laughing over a good story, a toddler gathering eggs, a son sneaking up to scare the bejeezus out of his parents, a client throwing their arms around you in sheer appreciation. I approach your session as stories because I find that this helps you to express your brand, your core beliefs, and gives your clients insight into who you are. Each story is a mix of photographs that provide the variety you need for social media posting. They may be of you, people with you, other important people, detail shots, headshots, product shots, still life, scenics, ect. 

Planning Meeting- Included in each Brand Photography session is a meeting to discuss the stories for your business. We will discuss the details of your session and make our itinerary for the day. This will help ensure our day goes smoothly and we have a ton of fun! 

Image Selection Consultation (optional) - After your session, you have two choices, you may choose your images yourself or you can simply leave it up to me to select them for you. If you would like to be involved in the selection, we will have a meeting where I will help you choose your favorite images for large digital format (the number of files depends on which session you select) to meet your needs for your website, printed products, media use, and any other large production items such as giant digital screens in a football stadium or a traditional billboard in which you need that optimum large file quality. 

Commercial Use License - This license, which is included in all of my collections, gives you permission to use the photographs that we create together in any way that you need for your business. No need to pay per image for using the photographs on your website, social media, or publications. No need to credit me when you use the images. No need to ask any time you want to alter them in any way. The number of images included in this license varies based on the collection you select.

Brand Photography - Annual Subscriptions

Designed for busy online businesses and entrepreneurs who need an online presence on social media so that they can grow & connect with their audience. Select one of the following subscriptions and save on the cost of your photography needs. You will receive all of your social media photographs for a year in four sessions. No more struggling to come up with the perfect image for your latest post! Priority turnaround of your image files, early booking options, full retouching, and professional planning are all included in the fee. Monthly payment options are available by request. 

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