2024-2025 Senior Sessions

I remember my dorky 1989 senior photos. I had a sunburn, terrible mullet and held a fluffy white angora rabbit with a pink dress. It was a lot of pink. We changed outfits, but I'm not sure how much of my story we really told. 

Let's tell YOUR story. Your senior year is a special time and your photos should reflect who you are, what you are interested in and express your story. 

Choose one of these base packages loaded with digital files that you can make prints of yourself  or order professional prints from me. A web size photo is also included for social media sharing. Professional physical products are not included but learn more about them below! Packages include digital files with basic editing, color correction and blemish removal.  

Speed Session $475

             This is a 1-hour session in one location (we can pick locations that look like we went to multiple ones). You can change outfits as many times as you can within your hour. 15 digital photos are included. 

3 Story Session $599

Tell the world 4 stories about yourself. I’m a soccer player, I love puppies etc. Package includes 30 digital files of your choice. You will get both a full resolution file for printing as well as a small file for web use. Up to 2 locations in 3 hours.

5 Story Session $699 (best value)

Tell the world 5 stories about yourself. I’m a ballerina, I love the woods, etc. Package includes 45 digital files of your choice. You will get both a full resolution file for printing as well as a small file for web use. Up to 3 locations in 4 hours.

6 Story Session $849

            Tell the world 6 stories about yourself, your personal brand. I love my tennis shoes, I love swimming, etc. Package includes 60 digital files of your choice. You will get both a full resolution file for printing as well as a small file for web use. Up to 4 locations in 5 hours.

Julia Mae Photography Professional Products

I select products that are professionally printed at a lab exclusively serving professional photographers. I choose items that you cannot easily find online yourself. If you can find them, using the professional lab ensures you are getting the best quality that will last a lifetime. If you decide against professional products, I suggest using They have a great reputation amongst the photography community. It is one of the companies that push us to provide even better quality products than what you can get yourself.

Traditional Prints

These beautiful prints are professionally crafted with the utmost care and highest quality standards of modern technology. All prints 8X8 and larger are laminated and mounted on thin, acid free portrait boards that protects them against aging and damage.

Metal Prints

Impressive quality, modern metal prints feature a thin, light weight steel that can be mounted to walls easily using Command Velcro strips without a frame. This makes them easy to install and rearrange whenever you wish! The prints are so thin that you could place them in frames if desired. Curved Metal Prints are perfect for your desk, table or mantle. They stand up on their own, no frame needed.


Gorgeous! Precision craftmanship and care go into each canvas. Canvases are 2.5 inches thick. An impressive piece of art to place over your mantle or on any featured wall in your home. You can get canvases at your local drug store, but not these. They are shockingly beautiful! Seriously.

Wall Design Gallery

We offer a complimentary wall designer program in our ordering software that helps you decide what size and how many prints you would like to order for your feature wall. Can’t decide which wall? No problem! The program allows you to load a photo of your own wall or walls to help you choose!

The Price List

 Traditional Print   Curved Metal     Metal Prints  Canvas
Wallets (8) $ 25.00 
3.5X4.5$ 10.00   
4X6 $ 15.00$ 55.00 $ 55.00  
5X5 $ 15.00 $ 60.00 
5X7   $ 20.00$ 70.00$ 70.00 $160.00
8X8$ 30.00$ 80.00  $ 80.00  $175.00
8X10 $ 35.00$ 90.00$ 90.00$185.00
10X10 $ 75.00 $200.00
11X14  $100.00$175.00 $175.00 $250.00
16X20$200.00 $275.00 $425.00
20X20 $225.00$325.00  $475.00
20X24 $250.00$375.00$500.00
20X30$275.00$450.00 $525.00
24X30 $300.00 $500.00 $650.00
30X40 $350.00  $650.00 $725.00


Memory Book

This cute, 5X5 soft cover book puts all your favorite proofs in one place. Look back and remember! Choose up to 50 images for your 5X5 inch book. $150.


These beautiful, photo wrapped albums create wonderful keepsakes for you and future generations. Enjoy it on your coffee table! Choose up to 40 images.

                                   $300 for the  8X8                   
                                   $375 two albums, one 8x8 plus one 4x4    
                                   $375 for three 4X4 albums           


This album features a beautiful bonded leather casing with either a photo paper cover printed on Luster Laminate paper or upgrade to a beautiful metal cover. The result is simply stunning. Choose up to 40 images.


  Luster Paper Cover  Metal Cover
5X5$350.00 not available
10X10$525.00  $625
12X12 $650.00 $800

The “Luminous Collection”

This album is our absolute top of the line, most beautiful and comes complete with a high-quality Italian leather casing and a luminous acrylic cover. This keepsake will last a lifetime. Choose up to 40 images.

  • 8X8             $700.00
  • 10X10          $780.00
  • 12X12          $966.00

Digital Files, Specialty Items

  • USB Drive in Tin (to put your files on)              $ 60.00
  • USB Drive in Case (to put your files on)          $100.00
  • USB Card (to put your files on)                         $ 60.00
  • Accordion Book (3x3, Set of 3)  (10 images)    $ 90.00
  • Blue Tooth Speaker 5X5 cube (5 images)       $150.00

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