About Julia


"Brand the real you. Be brutally, authentically, honestly you and you will win the people that matter."-Tom Ferry

From the time I picked up my first camera as a child, I have always been fascinated with seeing and capturing beauty in the world. I see it everywhere from a big beautiful sky, to the sunlight falling across my fruit bowl, to the glint in your eye and expression on your face. It’s this passion and all my life experience that has set me on my path to you. To capture your inner beauty and how that is expressed by your outer beauty. Gentlemen, if you need me to say handsome, I will, but seriously, your beautiful. I love you.

I Believe:

We are all connected by love. Opening your heart to this love is truly amazing! It also makes you feel FANTASTIC and be more BEAUTIFUL than you ever imagined.

I Am:

An artist, a businesswoman, a wife, an aunt, a daughter, a granddaughter, a mother to my angel baby, Henry. My husband and son have reminded me that love is the number one most important passion in the world. 

I Deliver:

Images that are brutally, authentically, honestly and BEAUTIFULLY you. 


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