Are You REALLY Ready to Exceed Your Goals?

December 18, 2020

What if that ridiculous dream and goal actually came true?

            During a recent Center Sphere Networking meeting, Green State Credit Union Mortgage Loan Officer Amy Smith, talked about her epic year during 2020. Mortgage interest rates were the leading headline in January and February of 2020. They had dropped to an all-time low and Amy was urging everyone to consider refinancing or purchasing a new home. Every week we met, and the rates seemed to be LOWER each time! As the historic year moved forward during the COVID-19 pandemic, rates continued to drop. Mortgage lenders worked to keep up with the demand and somehow balance their lives.

            Amy said that at one point a ridiculous goal came to mind. Well, that goal was shattered. In hindsight she wished that she had taken that thought seriously and took the time to prepare for living it. No one had any idea of course that the pandemic would last so long. No one knew that the mortgage interest rates would, either! “Hindsight is 2020,” she said.

            Sage advice!

            In July, my own business took off and I also hadn’t been prepared for being that busy. I hadn’t put the vision of my life together. Who could I hire for help? How many clients CAN I actually take on and still serve them well? What do I want my daily life to look like? How will I balance work and home? Am I REALLY charging enough for the time invested? I learned so much and gained two or three years of experience and confidence in a few months!

            This year’s business plan looks drastically different. I begin with meditating and taking thoughtful, heart centered time to imagine what my life looks like. I picture working joyfully with clients. I am enjoying time with my husband, even sneaking off for an afternoon walk once in a while. I’m serving my Des Moines and Iowa community with international quality Branding photography right in their backyard (or literally mine). I earn enough income that I can give back financially, pay off debts, invest and grow. What will I do with all the money that’s left over? How will I give back?

            I daydream of traveling all over the world on Branding sessions and Photographing retreats. I picture Craig coming with me and after the session or retreat we just stick around for a while. By day, Craig works remotely, and I edit and deliver my photos. Afternoons, evenings and weekends are spent sightseeing and enjoying ourselves. A year ago, I would have said “sounds nice,” laughed, and never thought much more about it. Now I realize these dreams are very possible. I need to plan as if it is! What will we do with our house? Who will watch Tommy (our cat)? Do I have all the equipment available to remote work and travel with it? I need to review that travel lesson in my Personal Brand Photography Story Session System Course by Jamie Swanson. I know there’s a travel clause in my contract. What does that say again? Does Craig know what I’m thinking? What will he do and say when I actually start booking these sessions? You get the idea!

            My notebook is filling up with the ideas. Now it’s time to put the plan together. Thank you, Amy. Your words carried an amazing message! Congratulations on hitting those fantastically, formerly unimaginable goals!


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