Tip Tuesday: Love My New Background

March 8, 2022

I love my new pink background!

It's there whenever I need it and brings me joy each time I walk into my studio.

Choosing a background that looks nice with your brand colors is an easy tip to stay consistent in your marketing. I did all my photos in front of it and now I do live videos and some presentations with it. I can throw on a sweater over my PJ's, drag a brush through my hair, put on some pink lip gloss and "TA-DAH!" I look intentional and polished.

Even though I might actually be flying by the seam of my pants! LOL!

Here's the links to everything I used to make this video, including my pink seamless paper!

pink seamless paper


background Stand


Softbox Lights


Tripod & Remote Trigger


PS! How to Rock Your Personal Brand Photography launches TOMORROW!!! Here's the link for more information and to register:


Tip Tuesday: Love My New Background

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