Tip Tuesday: Arm Posing

March 16, 2022

It's much more flattering to get your arm away from your body when posing.

Most of us have a tendency to hold our arms up against ourselves. ESPECIALLY in a photo session when we are nervous and subconsciously defending against something uncomfortable!

Experiment and find a variety of poses that lift your arms away from your body and look natural.

For more intense posing instruction, you can take my Week 5 Posing Module for only $150!! https://juliamaephotography.thinkific.com/courses/week5-how-to-rock-your-personal-brand-photography

OR join me for my Group Coaching Mastermind starting April 14! https://juliamaephotography.thinkific.com/courses/mastermind-group-coaching

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Tip Tuesday: Arm Posing

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