Tip Tuesday: Eyebrow Beauty Secret

February 25, 2022

Yup! That's right! I get into my husband's Can You Handlebar Primary Mustache Wax to shape and groom my unruly eyebrows.

For years I have been trying to get my unruly eyebrows tamed. I waxed, threaded, plucked and trimmed. I used powders and pencils. All of them caused major and minor skin irritations, so I didn't feel like I could win.

During the pandemic, I let my eyebrows go.

My husband discovered Can You Handlebar a few years ago. We were both very pleased with their products. Craig looked handsome without reeking of cologne. I'd occasionally get a whiff of orange or clove when we kissed, but that was it.

So when it was time to start going back out into public, I wondered what to do with my eyebrows that wouldn't lie down. I saw Craig's tin of wax lying on the bathroom counter and an idea was born!

I love this product!

I can now quickly tame and shape my eyebrows easily with no irritation, special appointment or equipment!

Check them out here!


Tip Tuesday: Eyebrow Beauty Secret

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