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Education by Julia Mae Hunt

How to Rock Your Personal Brand Photography Course

This is an on demand course that helps you improve your photography whether you are working with a pro or diy. You will come away from the course with a 12 week social media plan and photos to go with it! You will be more confident in front of the camera and best of all, create photos that engage your clients.

  • Week 1: Welcome, Personal Brand Basics, Creating Surveys
  • Week 2: Content Plan, Creating the Visual Representations.
  • Week 3: Styling & Planning Your Sessions 
  • Week 4: DIY Photography- cell phone photos & good light
  • Week 5: DIY Photography-Posing & Stock Photography 
  • Week 6: Choosing & Editing your photos
  • Week 7: Connecting with clients, feeling confident & handling your own blocks
  • Week 8: Professional Photographers, When and Who to hire.
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Professional Coaching by Julia Mae Hunt

I bring clarity and joy to your life. 

A few years ago I turned 45 and was hit over the head with the dizzying realization that my life looked nothing like how I thought it would. I moped around for weeks thinking I was "too old" to do anything about it. One night my husband suggested I get back into photography. I dug out my cameras and started playing. I felt better, but it was only a tiny, tiny glimmer of hope compared to the deep disappointment I was feeling. I joined Professional Photographers of America and then the Professional Photographers of Iowa and went to both conventions which were only 1 week apart. I was inspired and that tiny glimmer was growing. It was at one of those conventions that a new friend introduced me to the idea of hiring a life coach. This was a new idea for me, but one that would change my life forever. 

Coaching has completely changed how I think, act and feel. The change within myself is indescribable, at least not within the space of a few paragraphs here. The more I learned, the more I realized I could help guide others to the same amazing transformation I had just experienced. One of the many gifts coaching gave me was to appreciate  my life as it was. I realized I had spent YEARS as a guide and mentor. I'd inspired hundreds of others to achieve more without even knowing I was doing so. After I became a photographer, I quickly discovered that my clients needed coaching in many areas of of their photography needs. Sometimes it was in the branding and marketing. Sometimes they needed help in conquering their fears of being photographed.  I loved helping bring out the best in them. 

It wasn't long before clients began asking for my help beyond photography. That's when I decided to formally train as a coach and share the gift of Joy with you. 

Whether you are struggling with your business or life or even BOTH, we can create an ongoing partnership to bring about clarity and joy. I will help guide you to that fulfilling place by starting where you are today and lead you to your destination. I practice both International Coaching Federation Professional Life Coaching as well as Unlimited Body holistic practice. Visit for more information on the Unlimited Body Practice.

My role in your life is to be a holistic guide whether we are on the phone from anywhere in the world, or in person here in the Des Moines area. I keep you in touch with your inner wisdom. You are in control; I just help you see your own path more clearly.

Professional Photographers, DIY Brand Clients and Zoom Students: If you wish to meet with me for a “How to” mentoring session, scroll down to the “Coaching Programs” section for pricing.

How it works:

  1. Schedule a Discovery Call. Here we will get to know each other, discuss my programs, and decide if the work I do can serve you.
  2. Schedule a Foundation Session.This can be done in person or via phone call. It is a two-hour session in which I will guide you through the initial process of moving you beyond yourself and further discussing your goals. Together we will gently begin to unlock your thinking mind and discover the deeper truths that influence you. We will speak to your essence and gain clues to your true purpose. You will be in control at all times, no hypnosis, but much of the session will involve a beautiful guided meditation.
  3. Begin your 3-month initial coaching program.We will meet once a week either for a 30-minute phone conversation, or if you choose to follow the Unlimited Body, program, we will meet for a two hour in-person session. (Coaching is included in the Unlimited Body program). The goal of the 3-month program is to set you up to be self-sufficient and empowered.
  4. Maintenance Program. Many clients do choose to continue coaching to help maintain their progress and continue growing. It provides a supportive, safe space for accountability, planning, healing, growth and remaining centered to core values and inner wisdom.

Coaching Programs and Prices:

3-Month Unlimited Body Program (includes Professional Coaching)$1700

3-Month Professional Coaching Program $1000

Single coaching sessions available to past clients only.

3-Hour Photographer’s “How To” Mentoring session $300

2-Hour Brand Consultation (Complimentary service with all Brand Annual Subscriptions)-$250

1-Hour DIY Social Media Photography Consultation (Complimentary service with all Brand Annual Subscriptions) $200.

30-minute "How to Look Your Best on Zoom Consultation(Complimentary service with all Brand Annual Subscriptions) $100. 

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