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Education by Julia Mae Hunt

How to Rock Your Personal Brand Photography Course

This is an on demand course that helps you improve your photography whether you are working with a pro or diy. You will come away from the course with a 12 week social media plan and photos to go with it! You will be more confident in front of the camera and best of all, create photos that engage your clients.

Week 1: Welcome, Personal Brand Basics, Creating Surveys
Week 2: Content Plan, Creating the Visual Representations.
Week 3: Styling & Planning Your Sessions 
Week 4: DIY Photography- cell phone photos & good light
Week 5: DIY Photography-Posing & Stock Photography 
Week 6: Choosing & Editing your photos
Week 7: Connecting with clients, feeling confident & handling your own blocks
Week 8: Professional Photographers, When and Who to hire.

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Coaching Programs and Prices:

3-Hour Photographer’s “How To” Mentoring session $300

2-Hour Brand Consultation (Complimentary service with all Brand Annual Subscriptions)-$250

1-Hour DIY Social Media Photography Consultation (Complimentary service with all Brand Annual Subscriptions) $200.

30-minute "How to Look Your Best on Zoom Consultation(Complimentary service with all Brand Annual Subscriptions) $100. 

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