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Have you ever said to yourself, “I don't have time to do my social media but I really need to so I can grow my business?”  Maybe you’ve said, “I don't mind social media but my photography is terrible.” Did you take all the courses and hire a coach and then you looked into professional photography and found out that it's an investment? Are you just plain stuck with your social media plan, figuring out content, and photography skills and need help?

I feel your pain and I have a course for you!

I created this course partly out of what I do for my personal brand photography clients, the plan that I actually created for myself to use AND helping my friends solve their photography problems. 

When I started my business I would market and network like crazy. That actually worked and I’d get busy. So busy that I couldn't keep up with my own social media. So I quit posting. Guess what happened? I'd get caught up and there'd be no new clients scheduled. I start all over with my marketing and networking and repeat the cycle. I continued that loop several times. I knew that I would not be able to grow my business if I continued repeating that cycle again and again.  This simple plan created momentum in my business and I now have a more consistent social media presence which creates a more consistent client flow.

And my social media became FUN!

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How to Rock Your Personal Branding & Social Media Photography

I help entrepreneurs create a visual brand that tells their story, positions them as an expert, and puts their best foot forward while being themselves so they can connect to and attract their ideal clients. I do so in a way that is genuine, real and PRACTICAL. Includes great tips and information whether hiring a professional photographer or doing it yourself. I will help you come up with a basic social media plan so you have direction for what you create. 

BONUS: Learn how to style and light yourself for video conferencing.

COURSE OBJECTIVE: 12 weeks of photography and/or video content for social media posts. 

This is a hybrid on demand class with coaching:

  • 8- on demand classes. Each week is one module with classes broken up into bite-sized chunks so you can weave it into your busy schedule. 
  • 8- 90 minute group coaching zoom calls to ask questions, share and discuss homework. I will discuss extra topics and occasionally we will have guest speakers.
  • 1- One hour 1X1 coaching call with me.
  • Access to How to Rock Your Personal Branding & Social Media Photography Facebook Group

Week 1: Welcome, Personal Brand Basics, Creating Surveys

  • What is Personal Branding?
  • Why a Personal Brand? Clients hire who they know, like and trust. Get your face out there!
  • Be Yourself, how do you do that?
  • Who is your client? 
  • What do they want to learn from you? SURVEY! INTERVIEWS!
  • What are they buying from you?
  • Is your product something people want to buy?
  • What’s your style?
  • What are your colors?

Week 2: Content Plan, creating the visual representations.

  • Create your plan. 
  • What are your stories?
  • What do you have in common with your clients?
  • What about your product helps YOU live your ideal life?
  • What topics are you sharing with your clients?
  • What problems do you solve?
  • What photos communicate these stories?
  • How do you create a photo for a concept that isn’t easily communicated visually?
  • Do you have a variety of portraits, detail shots, stock photos, products, other people, family, pets,?
  • What topics are in your weekly SM plan? Tip Tuesday, Blog post Wednesday, Fun Friday?
  • What promotions are you planning to run?
  • What holidays do you plan to celebrate?
  • Gratitude List
  • Hobbies

Week 3: Styling Your Sessions 

  • Wardrobe
  • Sets
  • Props
  • Backgrounds
  • Backgrounds for video calls
  • Hair
  • Make-up
  • Tips for hair and skincare leading to session
  • Choosing Professional Stylists
  • CONFIDENCE! You only need to look confident for 1/250th of a second 90 times in 7 hours.

Week 4: DIY Photography- cell phone photos & good light

  • Understanding Auto Exposure
  • Understanding Auto Focus
  • Tripods
  • Remote Triggers
  • Setting camera timer
  • Basic portrait lighting
  • Best natural light
  • Bounce Cards & Reflectors
  • Artificial lighting
  • Mixed lighting, good and bad
  • Ring Lights
  • Lighting eyeglasses
  • Lighting for video conferencing
  • BAD Light

Week 5: DIY Photography-Posing

  • Posing for curvy women
  • Posing for thin women
  • Posing for chairs
  • Body Language
  • How to smile genuinely
  • Practice in the mirror
  • Create an alter ego
  • DIY Photography- Basic composition & Stock Photography
  • Composition
  • Camera angle for portraits
  • Styling Stock Photos
  • Lighting Stock Photos
  • Creating Backgrounds

Week 6: Choosing & Editing your photos

  • Editing with your phone
  • Cull-be objective. Have someone you trust pick out the photos.
  • Think of relating to your clients.
  • What works well with your content plan?
  • Be open to new ideas created during the session.

Week 7: Connecting with clients, feeling confident & handling your own blocks

  • Meditation technique “How Can I Serve You?”
  • Visualizing your client, not the camera
  • Fire yourself and hire your alter ego
  • Handling your own blocks and objections
  • I don’t know how to do this
  • I need to be perfect
  • I don’t know where to start
  • I’m not interesting
  • I need to lose weight first
  • My hair doesn’t look right
  • I don’t take good photos
  • I don’t know how to dress myself
  • I’m not interesting
  • I don’t look healthy
  • I can’t stand to look at photos of myself
  • Perfection is in the Imperfections
  • How to move past objections to success
  • Show the love you have for the world

Week 8: Professional Photographers 

  • When to hire
  • Who to hire
  • How to find them
  • What to look for
  • How often do you hire?
  • Strategies to stretch your budget.
  • Strategies to save you time. 


This is a Beta Course

  • Early Bird Available Through July 31= $600
  • August 1- Course Rollout (Septemberish)= $700
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