I Help Express Know, Like and Trust!

February 6, 2021

“Julia! What exactly is it that you do as a Personal Brand Photographer?”

I create the photography for business’ online marketing needs: websites, emails, sales funnels, daily social media posts, memes, blogs, online ads, and even traditional marketing like banners, billboards and brochures.

I do so in a way that helps businesses look professional, polished, and cohesive but genuine, friendly, fun and approachable. I help you connect on a personal level with your clients.  I help you stand out and break through all the noise online.

It’s as much about expressing WHO you are as much as it is about WHAT you are and what products and services you provide. I tell your story. Its all about the KNOW, LIKE, and TRUST factor!

Imagine you are an accountant, and a potential client is shopping online. They do a Google search, and you pop right up in the top because you have been consistently posting on social media and your blog, etc. Next, they look to find someone with all the services they need and read your reviews.

The list is now narrowed down. How do they choose who they want to meet for a live consultation?  

So far you have made a lot of progress in gaining “Trust” and maybe they “Know” a little bit about your products and services. What about “LIKE?”

Back in the good ‘ole days we did this in person. We decorated our offices with travel destinations, signed baseballs, family photos and appreciation plaques from our favorite charity organization. They were conversation pieces and when the potential client walked into the room, they began to decide if they LIKED us. We greeted them with a firm handshake and genuine smile. (BTW-I never did understand the stiff, fake smile professional headshot where everyone was wearing the same dark suit. People looked like robots.)  We got out our favorite g-rated jokes and made them laugh. They started asking about the volunteer work at the pet shelter and sharing about the dog they just adopted. They relaxed, warmed up and begin to TRUST us even more. WE opened up, relaxed, listened and our natural instincts began to connect. The client walked to their car thinking, “I really LIKED them! I think they are the one!” I know when I was a client, if I felt a great genuine connection to someone, I would cancel the rest of my meetings.

So, what’s different? Now you can communicate all this online. Everything from a headshot that has genuine smiles to photos of you and your team practicing yoga together to your favorite morning beverage, to hilarious before and after photos during tax season. Having your own stock photos created can REALLY jazz up your “expert” posts by creating interest so your clients stop and read about “Tax Changes You Should Be Aware Of.”

Your clients are scrolling through their feed at midnight on the couch while they are making their decision. They decide if they like you before they contact you. They click and schedule an appointment and go to bed because they have confidence in their decision. So you see, If this is done effectively, you may be the ONLY accountant your client sets an appointment with.
I Help Express Know, Like and Trust!

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