Beginner’s Guide to Manifesting Your Perfect Day

February 1, 2021

I’ve been waking up and visualizing my perfect day for about 8 months now and believe me, it’s a process. I can’t tell you how often I’ve enthusiastically envisioned it only to tweak my back getting out of bed or stepping in cat puke on my way to put on coffee.

            I’ve also created magic. On my first day of the exercise, I pictured giving Craig a good morning and good night kiss. He was surprisingly touched by this vision and immediately gave me my first of many sweet good morning kisses. It was an important moment and we have grown even closer, loved each other more deeply since that day.

            Creating your perfect day involves several important elements; intuition, divine guidance, intention AND practical things like knowing you schedule, time blocking and time management. We spend a lot of time daydreaming, but how often do we actually ACT on our dreams? We use all sorts of envisioning techniques but never talk about how to move forward with implementation.

            Here’s the routine I’ve found to be the most successful:

1.Before Bed-Review your schedule and future goals. Is there something in your schedule tomorrow that moves you closer to your goals? Look over the events you have scheduled for the day, so you don’t forget to put them into the vision.

2.Set alarms- Set one alarm 30 minutes before you need to get up to ensure there is plenty of time to imagine your day.

3.Vision while waking up. I found it’s most important to do this while waking up because I’m best at being intuitive before my waking brain takes over. Being intuitive is important because we need to be open to and aware of what we are attracting into our lives. It connects us to our TRUE purpose without fear or self-doubt getting in the way.

4.Visualize and feel the details, beginning to end. Visualize every detail of your day from start to finish. Your breakfast, what are you having and how much are you enjoying it? Imagine your meeting and everything going smoothly.  I even picture stressful, negative situations and visualize a new way to react to them. It’s very important to imagine how you FEEL. Wind on your face, wine sliding across your tongue, the tingling you feel when you laugh. It’s important to note that you may not always be able to see every detail. You might get distracted, someone may need you before you are done, you might fall back to sleep. It’s ok.

5.Time Block and Schedule the details. Now is the time to get practical. Write down everything you imagined and how much time you need for each task. You might find that your marvelous vision for the day missed a meeting or school event. Maybe the “to do” list is fairly ambitious. Does anything need moved around? Is there anything on the list that suddenly doesn’t seem so important that can come off the schedule? I’ve discovered that if I FORCED any part of my vision and I can’t make my schedule work for the day, the forced visions can come off. Eventually you will find that you have much more clarity and focus with each day.

            With practice, patience and being gentle with yourself, you will start to feel the vision of your life falling into place. Becoming reality. I’ve been startled at how powerful this can be. I make different choices. I create different results. You can too!

Beginner’s Guide to Manifesting Your Perfect Day

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