What Sets You Apart? (click photo to view gallery)

Gallery expires on July 31, 2020

This is my personal Mortgage guy, Brian Swanson. He is the best and I am a RAVING fan. How do you choose a mortgage agent? It went like this for me: 1. Real estate agent gave me 5 names. 2. I called all 5 and they ALL sounded qualified and gave pretty much the same advice. 3. I have no idea who to go with, so I go look at their social media and try to see any reason who I might want to work with. Everyone had basically the same, boring stuff that didn't tell me more than I already knew. 4. I went with the first one that followed up with me. 

This did not work out in may favor and I had to eventually find someone else to work with. That was Brian. Are you telling your clients something that sets you apart from everyone else. Are you drawing your ideal clients to you?


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